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The Belvedere Dental Practice in Workington provides a full range of private dental services including routine oral healthcare, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, as well as NHS treatment options. Our team of experienced and highly professional dentists is complemented by a hygienist and dental technician to take care of all of the dental treatments you or your family might need.


General dental health care

Examinations and routine treatments

Routine examinations and occasional minor interventions such as scaling and polishing are essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Potentially they avoid more costly and invasive treatments later on.

You can trust our team to take great care of your teeth and give you sound advice on how you should look after them between visits. And, while we do everything to avoid them becoming necessary, we also offer good value prices on general treatments such as fillings and extractions.

Digital x-rays

If required we use digital dental x-rays to help determine your most effective course of treatment. These are quicker and clearer than traditional film x-rays. They also require less radiation and are more comfortable for our patients.

Cosmetic dentistry

Crowns and bridges

Where a tooth has been badly damaged or weakened it may be necessary to replace the upper part of it with a crown. This is a straightforward procedure and modern porcelain crowns are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. The procedure requires two visits: one to take an impression and prepare the tooth, and the second to fit the crown, which will be carefully made by our clinical dental technician. We offer porcelain, composite and gold crowns.

If a tooth is missing and those either side of it are strong and healthy, it is usually possible to fit a bridge that will fill the space and look just like a normal tooth.



Missing teeth can also be replaced using Dental Implants. Implants provide a fixed replacement for lost teeth. An implant is a titanium replica of a tooth root that is implanted into the jaw bone and can then support single or multiple tooth restorations. At Belvedere Dental Practice we use the Straumann system of Dental Implants.

Implant cases are planned by Gautham Pai who places your implant(s) in the position determined by the desired end result. More complex and cosmetically demanding cases may have higher fees if diagnostic and prototypes stages are requested/required, or if bone augmentation or complicated restorations are required.

We plan our implant placements meticulously – we do everything we can to ensure your implant will last for life. Our standard implant fee for a single implant retained porcelain crown(tooth) includes all diagnostic stages, radiographs, study models, pre-treatment diagnostic wax-ups, provision of a surgical guide to allow precise placement of your implant, all implant components and the provision of the final porcelain restorations. The fees for this start from £1800.00 It is occasionally necessary for you to need a CT scan to check the quality, width and depth of bone in the area into which we wish to place the implant. if this is required we can arrange for this to be carried out locally.

For more information go to and read the ‘patient’ section. If you are interested, and think that you might be suitable, please contact the practice for a free consultation appointment.


Teeth that are cracked, chipped or badly worn can be repaired using porcelain veneers. These are custom made by our dental technician to fit precisely over the damaged tooth and are then securely bonded into position. The resulting tooth looks as good as new, and often better.

Veneers are also an inexpensive way to close large gaps between teeth that can be unsightly as well as being traps for food that can cause decay and gum disease. Two appointments are required; one for preparation and one for fitting. Anaesthetic is normally not needed.

Teeth whitening

Over time, tea, coffee, wine or smoking can leave your teeth looking discoloured and less attractive. Fortunately there are now several safe and cost-effective whitening treatments to restore your teeth to a whiter and more youthful appearance. If you’d like to bring a natural glint back to your smile just make an appointment to see one of the team and we’ll advise you on the most suitable treatment.

Invisible braces

Whatever your age it’s normally possible to straighten your teeth (particularly the all-important front six) without the uncomfortable and unsightly braces you might remember from your youth. Straighter teeth not only look better, they are easier to clean and apply more even forces for comfortable biting and chewing.

Thanks to modern tooth alignment products, most people are no more than six months away from a beautifully even smile.

Most short term orthodontic braces are almost completely undetectable and can be either fixed or removable. Their near invisibility makes them very popular with adults. Brackets are custom-fitted to your teeth and linked by nickel-titanium wires that apply the precise corrective pressure required. Because the brackets and wires can be made in a natural tooth colour they are very hard to detect. They are also comfortable and convenient. Short term orthodontic braces usually achieve the desired tooth alignment within 6 months.

At Belvedere and Nook Street Dental practice we offer a range of short term orthodontic treatments.

CFast    For more information go to

Inman Aligners   For more information go to

Quick Straight teeth   For more information go to

Thanks to modern tooth alignment products, most people are no more than six months away from a beautifully even smile.

Tooth replacement

Badly damaged, broken or severely worn teeth we can be replaced by fitting high quality full or partial dentures. These are carefully constructed by our clinical dental technician to be both comfortable and secure.

Facial aesthetics

To complement your new smile you might also want to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. The dental practice offers safe and clinically proven wrinkle relaxing injections. Just ask for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to advise you.

See our Fees and Finance page for full details of our charges.

Can I have dental treatment when I have a cold sore?

Due to the infectious nature of cold sores we can not treat patients who have an active cold sore unless you require emergency treatment.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we feel this policy protects both patients and staff.

If you have a dental appointment  and develop a cold sore please contact the practice to rearrange.

Thank you for your understanding.

Updated May 2020

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